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Case Study: Opet
Q4 2023

Discover how Opet, a renowned oil seller in Turkey, embraced the future with

Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.

amazingly looking advertisement on glass doors

The First and Only in the World of Advertising Space with %99 Visibility.

Our solution is creating AI integrated screens on entrance doors. Every customer walking through the doors have to see our advertisements since it is at the entrance with its exquisite visual. can give the visibility guarantee which cannot be provided by its alternatives. We also guarantee the measurability  of the advertisement on our screens.

Visibility Action - Analyzing and Testing

The most difficult category is analyzed according to the data and it was toothpaste. Colgate is tested. Dynamic Ad was put in action with a low price of 60 TL and following infographics are created.

Entrance of opet market with's glass shiny doors in it

Measurability - Demographic Insights with 3D specialization to Analyze

We are scanning the entrance areas of chain stores with 3D specialized cameras, conduction a 180° (degree) surveillance capture demographic insights to analyze.

Collecting - Ai Algorhytms to Detailed Starting of Perception

To understand collected datas, we are using our Ai algorhytms and getting demographic result from our dashboard. With the detailed analyzed we started to perception too.

demographic visual with's dashboard

Perception - Highlight of Movement for Understanding Accordance to Data

At this time interval; Tobacco and Beverages see the highlight movement in accordance with our Perception Data.

Detailied homepage visual with's dashboard

Results - Testing from History to Transformation Insights

We tested our system in “Personal Hygiene Category” which does not see a lot of movement in gas stations. As you can see at graphics, there were only six piece of purchase happened in gas stations.

before addad sales graphic colgate is low level

As you can see from infographics that our solution created, number of products are increasing exponential. Its not just effecting current product, it is also increase selling of same category products with its visuality.

after sales graphic colgate is high level also other getting higher

In Summary - Explanation of the System

In summary, it is a unique and patented application system which transforms Doors to Advertising Spaces with a patented technology in Store Retail Marketing.

It is a new and a game changer Advertising Application without any predecessors. System has a unique software which creates a flow of advertising in scale on Store Doors with remote control thanks to AI.

In addition to obvious benefits, the system also obtain and process the Valuable Data to show customer behavior and consumer preferences.

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Addad is a labor-intensive project located right in the middle of the difference between looking and seeing. Consumers don’t look when they enter the store, they definitely see it.

Taner YİĞİT / Co-Founder