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We are shaping the future through 99% visibility and measurability

Introducing the New Era

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We are taking significant steps towards this goal.

Reshaping the Retail World

As, we provide a brand new technology that instantly brings together advertisements and customers, and an advertising medium that will change paradigms in the retail chain store sector!

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Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.

said Albert Szent-Gyorgi

In-Depth Insights

Understanding Today’s Challenges

In a survey conducted by Ipsos in 2023, over 35 questions were asked to 167 retail marketing professionals on some topics.

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What are the three(3) major problems you encounter in retail media and activation?
Marketing Professionals
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Positive Return on Investment (ROI)

The greatest challenge for retail media marketers is to achieve a positive return on their investments. This is particularly challenging in a highly competitive and constantly changing market environment.

Meaningful Success Measurement

This phrase refers to the process of evaluating the effectiveness of a project, campaign, or strategy in a way that is significant and valuable to the business or organization.

Proving Incrementality

It is difficult to prove the advertising purchases add additional value to the strategies. This becomes particularly complex when multiple marketing channels and tactics are utilized.

Brands’ Problems of Retail Media

They are aware of 70% of purchases are still done in Retail Stores and Brands are not happy with their Return on Investment on marketing expenditure in classical mediums like digital screens, pop, pos, or print)

There isn’t Best, New or Enough Application

New Technologies or methods usually do not have the best applications and for that reason it is difficult to make efficient investments. Companies need guidance from sector leaders and early adopters in renovations.

Weak or  Inconsistent Content

Quality and consistency of the content have vital importance in obtaining and keeping the customers. Weak content might harm the brand quality and reputation alongside with customer trust.

Lack of Product Variability for desired Customers

It shows the inconsistency between the products and target market. It is important to understand the customer needs and develop products accordingly to those.

Less Dependency on Retailers

It is really hard to use direct sales strategies and decreasing dependency on retailers with current retail media options.

The difficulty of managing multiple Retailers

Working with multiple Retailers require a complicated management and coordination in order to offer special effect for customer behaviour in retail shops.

Inefficient Ability or Expertise for Retail Media

Fast evolution of retail media requires special skills and training. Companies without the ability to analyze the situation might have difficult times.

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Introducing The Future of Retail Engagement

Solutions in Our System

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Unique Application

Quality and consistency of the Content have vital importance in obtaining and keeping the customers. Weak content might harm the brand quality and reputation alongside with customer trust.

Special Advertising

The entrance doors, which we equip with a special resolution screen coating, offer an advertising medium where every customer entering the store interacts one-on-one.

Highest Traceability Rate can provide a visibility guarantee that all advertising channels used today cannot provide.

Power of AI

Thanks to the extended AI software and the algorithm that analyzes the environment and the age, gender and physical characteristics of the target audience, advertisements are updated instantly and hourly, offering customers a personal experience.

Software Management

We perform both holistic and point location-based remote management with our own software. While we provide a general campaign promotion in a sense, we can manage advertisements from special offers for premium branches to a single DOT-based branch campaign.

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Chat with Cashier

Perhaps the most important feature of the's software side is that it can communicate with the STORE CASHIER, if allowed by the store. This makes us a first in the world in terms of subsequent operational transactions.

Measurability Results

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+8 Years


Custom Tailored / Shop Integration
3D Vision / Machine Learning

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Case Study
Q4 2023

Discover how Opet, a renowned oil seller in Turkey, embraced the future with

Witness the remarkable transformation, from traditional practices to cutting-edge digital solutions.

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Case Study
Q1 2024

Revolutionizing Retail: How Enhanced File Market’s Shopping Experience

Witness the remarkable transformation, from traditional practices to cutting-edge digital solutions.

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Addad is a labor-intensive project located right in the middle of the difference between looking and seeing. Consumers don’t look when they enter the store, they definitely see it.

Taner YİĞİT / Co-Founder